Our History

Respect for our historical Terroir
and quest for exceptional Champagnes.

Our History - Respect for our historical Terroir <br />
and quest for exceptional Champagnes.

400 years of viticulture history
with exceptional winemaking

If viticulture has been an inherent part of the family know-how since the 17th century, it was in in the early 1930s that Désiré and Gilbert Penet decided to create their first Champagne.

At the beginning of the 1940s, Emile, son of Gilbert, developed the business by buying a 19th century mansion including one of the most majestic vaulted cellars in Verzy and modernized the operation in the 1950s.

Les caves familiales en 1909

Love, vector of expansion,
the union of two Grand Cru villages in the Montagne de Reims

Verzenay, Terroir de Grand Cru

In 1967, Christian Penet married Marie-Louise Chardonnet, whose family has also operated vineyards for 400 years in the neighbouring village, Verzenay. With their union, the family business expanded to reach 6 hectares of Grand Cru vines: this was the birth of the Penet-Chardonnet brand of Champagne.

Nowadays, Alexandre, 4th generation winemaker,
combines modernity and precision with respect for traditions and the Terroir

Today, Alexandre, an oenologist with a diverse background, continues the family adventure supported by his wife Martine, and never ceases to express the qualities of his Terroir, with precision, elegance and refinement.

Alexandre Penet, Vigneron Oenologue

Our heritage carried as a banner

La Croix Penet, lieu-dit les Fervins

Our historic logo is inspired by the beautiful landscape of one of our best parcels of Verzy that includes a local landmark (the ” Penet Cross “) installed the 19th century. Along with our mansion dating from the same period, it symbolizes the historic family heritage immediately identifiable in our high-end, estate grown range of Penet-Chardonnet Grand Cru.

Modernity and precision in the quest for quality

In the spirit of modernity and transparency, and so that each amateur understands what he or she consumes, La Maison Penet was a pioneer in Champagne with the implementation of a precise back label:

You will find a plethora of information: the blending, the duration of aging, the vinification method, the date of bottling, the date of disgorging, the dosage, and in some cases even the date of harvest for a specific plot!

For connoisseurs, our exceptional single-vineyard vintages are produced in limited quantities, and therefore numbered.

Une contre-étiquette utile et innovante

La Maison Penet is proud to announce that we are now offering Champagne lovers the chance to learn more about our estate using our new smart labels.

Using amazing cutting-edge technology to give customers a fun, engaging and interactive way of discovering Champagne from La Maison Penet.

By simply scanning the label with your smartphone you can bring our bottles to life, a first of this type in the world of Champagne!

Visit of the estate

We would be delighted to welcome you to Verzy in our 19th century Mansion with its vaulted cellars and wonderful surroundings in the heart of our Terroir, showing you that our wines are the fruit of the labour of our soils.

Come and experience our love of Champagne.

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